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Teleconference: The Ultimate Man: Activating a Life of Integrity, Authenticity & Power

The Shift Network, the folks who put on the Ultimate Men's Summit back in June, is now offering The Ultimate Man: Activating a Life of Integrity, Authenticity & Power, a teleconference featuring 8 speakers over 8 weeks, including several men from the Summit (among them Robert Moore and Jayson Gaddis).

This one is a little more in-depth, and so it costs $287 for the 8 weeks (register here). Here is the schedule and the complete offerings:
The Ultimate Man Course Overview
Week 1 (August 3rd) Integrity: Cultivating the Signature Virtue for Men
Presenter: Lion Goodman

In the opening session, you’ll dive right into the signature virtue of integrity. Integrity means being true to yourself and being honest, upright and decent in your dealings with others. It becomes the basis for both reputation and self-respect.

For men, integrity may be the most important virtue to cultivate. If you are a man of integrity, you are trusted by both men and women. Integrity means that your words and your deeds are aligned – you do what you say you will do. You’ll be introduced to The Promise Game, a new blame-free methodology for making, tracking and keeping your promises, which you’ll practice throughout the course. During this week, you will:

  • Learn how a virtue-driven life leads to happiness, satisfaction and success
  • Find the source of integrity inside yourself and take stock of where you’re out of integrity
  • See the connection between your virtues, values, behavior and character
  • Recognize how limiting beliefs interfere with your ability to create the life you want
  • Begin to hold yourself accountable for the promises you make
Week 2 (August 10th) Connection: Plugging into Your Soul and Spirit, the Ultimate Cure
Presenter: Robert Moore, PhD

The delusion of separateness causes most human suffering. When you remember that you’re always connected to everything, love flows in both directions, pain and suffering is manageable, and you can rest, knowing that there are others you can rely upon when needed.

Dr. Robert Moore is a psychoanalytic scientist whose work is at the forefront of masculine psychology and spirituality. He will address our connection to the Great Other as an essential foundation of initiation. The recognition of Other is the cure to the tendency to get lost in pathological narcissism and unconscious grandiosity. He will also discuss initiation and the role of virtues in the initiatory process. During the week you will:

  • Recognize your connectedness with everything and know that you are never alone
  • Turn on the fountain of love that flows between you and others
  • Experience the difference between your Soul and Spirit
  • Recognize the impact of narcissism and grandiosity on your relationships
  • Deepen your connection to other men, to women, and to your family
Week 3 (August 17th) Leadership: Inviting Your Inner Leader to Come Out and Lead
Presenter: Keith Merron, PhD

Leadership is a quality that is inborn in some people, but can be cultivated by anyone. Keith has spent his entire career working with leaders of large corporations and entrepreneurial companies. He has interviewed hundreds of leaders to discover what qualities make Remarkable Leaders, which he describes in detail in his book The Golden Flame.

In this session, you will explore the virtue of Leadership and practices that will help you bring out your own leadership capacity – whether you lead others or not. Every man must become the leader of his own life. If a man can lead himself, he’ll be able to lead in his family, in his workplace and in his community. This week you will:

  • Better understand your relationship to power
  • Find your own Inner Leader and invite him out into the world
  • Take control of your own life
  • Identify the style of leadership that works best for you
  • Cultivate your own remarkable leadership qualities
Week 4 (August 24th) Brotherhood: Deepening Your Communion with Other High-Integrity Men
Presenters: Bill Kauth and David Kaar

This week you will learn the virtue of Brotherhood, the ability to meet other men while standing in your truth and power. Teachers Bill Kauth and David Kaar, both leaders at The ManKind Project (the largest training group for men), will help you break through the social and cultural taboos that have separated us as men, making us isolated and lonely.

They will share key practices they’ve been honing for decades in their initiatory men’s work, giving you the tools to hone your virtues, cut through the bull and help yourself and others transform. During this week you will:

  • Learn how to recognize other high-integrity men
  • Heal past wounds from unhealthy relationships with men
  • Discover a new sense of what real brotherhood can bring to your life
  • Experience the true essence of being and having a brother
Week 5 (Aug. 31st) Authenticity: Becoming Radically Authentic and Comfortable with Who You Are
Presenter: Jayson Gaddis

Authenticity is more than just being who you are. It’s being ALL of who you are, beyond your beliefs, definitions, roles or boundaries of your ego. When asked, “Who are you?” most men answer with the roles they play: “I’m a businessman” or “I’m a student.” Or “I’m a husband and parent of two children.” But these roles are just a fragment of the spectacular being you really are.

Jayson Gaddis has spent decades training men to be Great Men, helping them move beyond predatory and hurtful behavior. He will help you see that the greatest growth opportunities come in relationship with others, and that authenticity – being everything you are – is a key ingredient to success in dating, marriage, friendships and partnerships. This week you will:

  • Learn what it means to be radically authentic
  • Experience total comfort with who you already are
  • Uncover the truth of your deepest unguarded self
  • Practice speaking the unbridled truth
Week 6 (September 7th) Purpose: Gaining Clarity about Your Purpose and Mission
Presenter: Tim Kelley

You were born with a specific purpose, a reason to be here and a mission to accomplish during your life. When you discover and fully live your purpose, you’ll experience deep satisfaction at the end of your life, knowing that your life was worth living.

Tim Kelley, has helped thousands of people discover their purpose and hear their Soul’s calling. You will learn some of his masterful techniques for getting clear on your purpose, and specific ways you can begin to track and live your Soul’s Code. During this week you will:

  • Get in touch with your soul’s code
  • Recognize the purpose you came into life to fulfill
  • Learn how to manifest your mission in the world
  • Find the balance between your ego and your soul
  • Embody your purpose in your daily life
Week 7 (September 14th) Passion: Bringing the Passionate Drive to Everything in Your Life
Presenter: Satyen Raja

Passion is a key virtue for a man’s success in life. Nothing great happens without passion. Passion in men is what gets things done and what moves obstacles aside. If you’re light on passion, you won’t have the energy or fortitude to create the life you want.

Satyen Raja is a true man of passion. He is a black belt martial artist, an author and a trainer in the art of applying passion to life. And he knows that deep satisfaction comes from giving your all. This week you will learn practical exercises and tools to live from your passion. He will inspire you to find the source of passion within and to bring it out into every aspect of your life. During this week, you will:

  • Deepen your connection to the penetrating force of passion
  • Energize your life, your work and your relationships
  • Find the source of inspiration and passion within you
Week 8 (September 21st) Service: Dedicating Your Life to the Greater Good
Presenter: John Robbins

Service is the culmination of all the virtues. When you serve and offer yourself to that which is greater than you, all of your virtues align and empower each other. Our life purpose is always about serving others, and our passion emerges when we are doing good. We are most authentic when applying ourselves to a goal that demands the best from us. In serving others, we have the opportunity to be a remarkable leader, in relationship with our brothers. And we can get anything done with integrity.

John Robbins knows about service. A Pulitzer Prize-nominated bestselling author and founder of EarthSave, he is considered by many to be one of the most eloquent and powerful spokespersons in the world for a sane, ethical and sustainable future. You will be inspired by his story and learn ways you can be of service to the greater good. During this week, you will:

  • See the connection between purpose, passion and brotherhood in service
  • Recognize that happiness and satisfaction comes from service to others
  • Dedicate and consecrate your work to the greater good
What You Will Receive
  1. Eight 90-minute class sessions with 8 top transformational teachers and ongoing facilitation by Lion Goodman. Includes live, interactive calls plus Q&A time. Classes are on Wednesday evenings at 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern.
  2. Eight 30-minute small group practice sessions.
  3. Weekly exercises and practices for deep inquiry and enhancement of your virtues
  4. A robust online learning community and a paired practice with another participant. You’ll use The Promise Game, an accountability process, each week to keep you on track with your promises and commitments.
  5. Unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions. (Listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player.)
  6. PDF transcripts for each class session.
  7. Bonus sessions with top teachers from the Ultimate Men’s Summit (to be announced).
The Ultimate Man: Activating a Life of Integrity, Authenticity & Power
Price: $287

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! See below for our refund policy.

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