Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Matt Kailey - Chaz Bono on ‘Dancing With The Stars’: Exclusive Tranifesto Interview

Chaz Bono is probably the most famous trans-man on the planet. As the most visible FTM (female to male) transexual ever, he is both in demand for interviews and - I am guessing here - carrying the weight of a huge responsibility in being the "face" of FTM trans experience.

Matt Kailey - himself a trans-man - posted this interview with Chaz.

We interrupt our regular blog programming to bring you this exclusive interview with Chaz Bono just before his debut on Dancing With The Stars – tonight, Monday, September 19, at 8 p.m. Eastern time.
I was lucky enough to get to talk to Chaz by phone this weekend to find out about the big show, his book, and what he’s going to do next. (And in a shameless display of self-promotion, I left in the nice things he had to say about my book, so be warned.)
Read on, and remember to watch Chaz tonight and vote early and often to keep him on the show. Now, without further ado, heeeeere’s Chaz!
Matt Kailey: What made you decide to go on Dancing With The Stars in the first place?
Chaz Bono: I just thought it would something that was fun and that would allow me to do something that was physically challenging with my body now that I’m finally feeling comfortable in it. And I thought it would allow me to reach an audience that I really haven’t been able to reach yet.
MK: Did they teach you the dance moves?
CB: Yeah, there’s been three weeks of rehearsal, and then you go!
MK: How do you feel like you’re doing with your dancing?
CB: I think I’m doing okay. It’s really kind of hard to tell.
MK: Do you think you’re going to be nervous?
CB: Oh, yeah. It’s nerve-wracking. I’m actually at the set right now, and it’s the first time I’ve danced on the stage.
MK: Obviously, you’re aware of all the grief that’s going on about this appearance. You’ve had to hear and read some really awful things. Even in the face of all you’ve had to put up with, was it worth doing it?
CB: Yeah. I really don’t pay much attention to all that stuff. I haven’t really read anything, and the only time I have to hear stuff is a couple of interviews where people have said stuff to me. And I’ve actually even put a stop to that, because I just don’t want it in my head. So it’s pretty easy for me. I do have a fairly thick skin, so it’s pretty easy for me to drown it out and not go out and seek stuff.
Read the whole interview.

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