Thursday, September 8, 2011

Robert Augustus Masters - 8 Delusions That May Be Infecting Your Relationship

If you have been hanging around Integral Life at all (and admittedly, most of the integral people I know do not spend much, if any, time there) you may have noticed that their resident "integral sex" and "integral love" guru, Marc Gafni (shiver), has been unceremoniously deleted from the site. Kudos to the editors for that!

 I'll have more to say about this in the coming days.

More importantly, however, it seems that Robert Augustus Masters will be contributing a monthly column to the IL site.
Editor's Note: We are very happy to have Robert Augustus Masters as a regular monthly contributor to Integral Post. I find Robert's work with intimacy, sacred relationships, and monogamy as a vehicle for awakening to be utterly fascinating, inspiring, and timely, and consider it to be a crucial component to any ongoing Integral Life Practice.
While Gafni is better known (among those who pay attention) as a serial sexual manipulator/addict - a man who seems to conflate power, rage, and sexuality and acts it out with students (while being married) - Masters is better known as someone who holds monogamy as the highest form of spiritual relationship.

Maybe this change reflects a move in the integral community in terms of values? Probably not, but it is a nice change of tone and an enormous leap in the consciousness offered to readers.

Masters's first offering to Integral Post is 8 Delusions That May Be Infecting Your Relationship:
In this post, Robert outlines eight common relationship traps that we've all fallen into at one point or another. I myself have been guilty of many of these in the past (okay, in the present too), and it is remarkable how simply putting words to some of these snares helps me to work with many of my own ingrained narratives around intimacy. This, of course, is the power of Integral practice—shifting your perspective so that deeply-subjectified stories and patterns can be held as objects in your awareness, thus loosening their grasp on your heart and allowing you to step into greater authenticity and authorship in your own relationships. As you read this post, note whichever of these you may have struggled with in your intimate relationships, and let us know how you worked with them as they surfaced for you. —Corey
I believe this is a free offering, so go check it out.

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Frank said...

I have worked with Robert and Diane, and can hardly say enough good about them. Their websites at and are well worth checking out. Lots of free material to download.