Monday, September 26, 2011

WTF? Raising Boys to Be Cage-Fighters

Jesus' General is a right-wing parody blog that has been doing the satire thing long before Stephen Colbert launched The Colbert Report. Writing as Gen. JC Christian, Patriot, he parodies wacky right-wing policies and beliefs - always using things they have actually done as fodder for his blog.

In this instance, he reports on fathers in England who are locking boys (as young as 8 years old) into a cage and encouraging them to fight each, bare knuckles, no head gear - and they are doing it in pubs, where the alcohol-fueled thirst for blood is likely to remove all lingering elements of common sense and humanity.

What the bloody fuck is that? To me, this is child abuse. At least the police are looking into it.

I have no problem with teaching kids to box - put the gloves on, wear some head gear, and help them learn to defend themselves. Worked for me. But bare knuckle brawling in a locked cage is not something children should be doing. Period. End of story.

Making Men

It ain't easy raising a boy into manhood these days. Femislamunistofascism permeates our culture. Our boys are brought up to play soccer, to express themselves verbally, to resist bullying the weak and different, and to worship the foo foo Jesus of the Beatitudes.

Thankfully, English fathers are bringing traditional boy-raising techniques back. They're locking eight-year-old boys into a cage and making them fight each other, bare handed and without padding. Yes that's right, their making men out of their boys by entering them into bare-knuckled cage fighting matches.

And it's not just about the beatings. The cage fights are held in pubs, where the fathers can model proper manly behavior by drunkenly cheering each cut eye and bloodied nose.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the OBAMUNIST USURPER'S America is getting it's butt kicked in the battle to raise boys into men, but it stings nonetheless.

We, not furriners, should be leading the way. We are the nation that raised Dick Cheney and Rick Perry. We're the nation that cheers for the death of the uninsured and boos homosexualist combat vets. We're the nation that values execution over life, and torture over justice. We should be the ones bringing our boys into manhood by locking them into cages and cheering as they beat each other to a pulp.

We shouldn't put on our Patrick Henry colonial costumes until that day happens. We don't deserve to wear tri-cornered hats and fancy short britches if we don't demand that our boys beat the tar out of each other.

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Jim in NYC said...

If this is a fight, show me one punch that's thrown. Just one.

You can't, because this ISN'T a fight. It's a grappling match. Aside from the setting (and we can definitely discuss how appropriate that is), it is no different from this:

or this:

or this:

And that, incidentally, is why they're not wearing gloves or headgear. In a grappling-only match, they're not allowed to punch. Since they won't be punching, they don't need to wear gloves, any more than a high school wrestler needs to wear gloves, and the only thing they're risking by not wearing headgear is a cauliflower ear.