Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Michael Taylor Talks with Ken Solin - "Act Like a Man"

I was fortunate to meet both Coach Michael Taylor and Ken Solin at Jayson Gaddis' Men's Summit in Boulder a couple of years ago. In this discussion from Michael Taylor's podcast, A New Conversation with Men, they talk about the pressures we get to Act Like A Man, which means to ignore how you really feel, stuff your emotions, and keep a stiff upper lip (thanks to the English for that gem). In being shaped by these cultural values from birth onward, we lose the ability to feel, to trust our emotions, to be open and vulnerable. We become two-dimensional.

Ken's new book is Act Like A Man: Really, There's Hope Men Can Change.

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Act Like A Man

by Coach Michael Taylor

Be sure to tune in as Coach Michael Taylor interviews author and lecturer Ken Solin about why men need to become aware of how our societal and cultural conditioning makes it difficult, if not impossible, to truly express our deepest feelings and desires as men.

Too many times in our lives we are told to "Act Like A Man" even though we know that acting like a man in that moment is inconsistent with how we truly feel inside. This internal in-congruency is what causes so much pain and dysfunction in a mans life. The time has come for men to "get real" and stop playing by societies rules of what it means to be a man and learn to express themselves emotionally and authentically.

Ken's message is simple and profound, its time for us to redefine what "Act Like A Man" really means and support men in becoming authentically in touch with who they really are.

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