Thursday, July 26, 2012

Documentary - Working Man's Death

This interesting documentary series was created by Al Jazeera English - In four segments they look at the disposability of men in many cultures through the dangerous and often deadly work that they do.

Working Man's Death
In today's technological age, is heavy manual labour disappearing or is it just becoming invisible? From the exhausted mine shafts of Ukraine to the bloody slaughterhouses of Nigeria, this series offers an unflinching portrait of physical labour in the 21st century, talking to the people engaged in this dreary, demanding and, often, dangerous work.

1. Heroes
An unflinching portrait of physical work in the 21st century. 'Heroes' looks at freelance miners in Ukraine who spend long days crawling through cramped shafts of exhausted coal mines to dig out a living for themselves.

2. Ghosts
In this episode we visit east Java in Indonesia -- where men climb steep paths amid pungent vapours to bring back lumps of sulphur from the mouth of a volcano.

3. Lions
We take a glimpse inside the bloody and frenetic activity of the Port Harcourt meat market in Nigeria.

4. Brothers
Pakistani men use little more than their bare hands to dismantle an abandoned oil tanker for scrap metal.

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