Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tomorrow (9/18/2013) at Google Hangouts - “What is a Real Man?”

Okay, define real, then define man. If we are going to have this discussion, we will need to agree upon the meanings of the terms. However, I suspect that will not happen to my satisfaction. Besides, I'll be at work during that time, so my two cents are what I just wrote above.

If you would like to hang out and listen or participate, it's the What Kind of Man Do You Want to Be Google Hangout, supported by the Good Men Project - go HERE to get an invitation (required).

Upcoming Google Hangout Asks: “What is a Real Man?”

September 17, 2013 by Marie Roker-Jones

This month on the What Kind of Man Do You Want to Be Google Hangout, the conversation is about the image of a real man and how societal and media masculine standards perpetuates male stereotyping.

Marie Roker-Jones from Raising Great Men will be joined by radio personality and writer Dr. Vibe to discuss how hyper-masculinity and media stereotypes of men influence young men’s thoughts on manhood.

Panelists for the first half of the discussion at 8:00pm EST on September 18th are Enrique Pascal, author of What Does A Real MAN Look Like? and host of Transformation Radio and Alan Bishop, founder of The 365 Effect, producer and creator several television shows .

At 9:00pm EST, also on September 18th, Marie and Dr Vibe will be joined by three young men: Edmund Adjapong, Rey Saint-Vil and Alex Hanse to discuss how media messages have shaped their views on men.

To learn more about the hangout or to join in, see the invitation page on Google+.

Follow Dr. Vibe and Marie Roker-Jones on Twitter for more information.

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