Friday, October 18, 2013

The Get Ripped at Home Bodyweight 500

Great bodyweight based exercise circuit - perfect for burning fat and keeping muscle. Just because it's getting to be sweatshirt season does not mean we can stop working at our fitness until spring. This is a quick and brutal workout.

This comes from Craig Ballantine's Turbulence Training aproach.

Renegade Burpee Combo Workout

The Get Ripped At Home Bodyweight 500

Date Posted: October 9, 2013


Perform the following circuit 3 times, resting 1 minute between each circuit. Rest as little as possible otherwise.
1. Push-ups – 40 reps
2. Bodyweight Squats – 40 reps
3. Mountain Climbers – 40 reps
4. Bodyweight Row – 40 reps

Rest for 1 minute. Repeat circuit 2 more times for a total of 3 circuits. After last circuit, rest 1 minute, then do the following bodyweight exercise 1 time.
1. Jumping Jacks – 20 reps

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