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Revolutionary Man - How a Simple Personality Test Can Lead You to More Freedom: The Enneagram

Jayson posted this cool article on the Enneagram over at his blog. Good info and a great tool for self-awareness for men trying to know themselves better.

Be sure to go visit Jayson's blog - Revolutionary Man - for other good material and great insights into a mature masculinity.

How a Simple Personality Test Can Lead You to More Freedom: The Enneagram

May 15th, 2009

I used to think most personality tests were pretty lame. Even the Myers Briggs. What do they really tell me about myself that I don’t already know!
Well, I have since been very humbled by The Enneagram which revealed that I was a type-three!
This modern psychological tool is used by millions accross the world for more self-understanding and self-actualization. The symbol is shown to the left.
They symbol itself is said to date back 2,500 years. They psychology of the 9 points related to the symbol is said to date back to the fourth century AD. The symbol, used with the 9 personality types used in harmony is merely a few decades old.* For more history about the Enneagram click here.
The Enneagram is a conglomerate of many sacred teachings from Christianity to Judaism, and even Buddhism. Since the 1970’s it has been used to help people understand themselves more deeply and reach their human, spiritual potential.
So what?
The Enneagram can help you understand that you are not your personality. That below your conditioned personality is something utterly profound—your true essence as a human being.
And for men and women that want to be truly themselves (and not what others taught them or told them to be) and reach their innate potential, it is an awesome tool for personal (and even professional) development.
Because as said in my earlier post, the deeper you know yourself, the more choices you have in life and the more freedom and fulfillment you will discover.
How do I start?
To do this right, I recommend taking a free test online here. Once you do that, read about each type and get a sense of yours. You might take another different test online and see what you score there, so that you have two sets of results to compare.
To really do it right, I suggest buying The Wisdom Of The Enneagram book by Riso and Hudson.
Here is an short description of each type so you can get a sense of which you might identify with. Remember, each type has a neurotic aspect and a wisdom aspect. Riso & Hudson do a good job of showing you where you are stuck and what you need to do to integrate to a higher level of being.
Type One: The reformer: Principled, idealistic, perfectionistic
  • Basic Fear: I’m bad, corrupt.
  • Healthy self: I’m a reasonable, objective person
Type two: The Helper, caretaker. Caring, interpersonal.
  • Basic Fear: Of Being unloved
  • Healthy self: I’m a caring, loving person
Type three: The Achiever: Success-oriented, doer. gets it done.
  • Basic Fear: I’m worthless
  • Healthy self: I am an outstanding, effective person
Type Four: The Individualist, the artist. Romantic, self-aware, sensative.
  • Basic Fear: Of having no identity or significance
  • Healthy self: I am an intuitive, sensitive person
Type Five: The investigator. Intense, intellectual, insightful, curious, often observing at a distance.
  • Basic Fear: Of being incompetent, helpless and incapable
  • Healthy self:I am an intelligent, perceptive person
Type Six: The Loyalist, committed, security-oriented, responsible.
  • Basic Fear: Of being without support and guidance
  • Healthy self:I am a committed, dependable person
Type Seven: The Enthusiast. Busy, productive, leader, optimistic, spontaneous, versatile.
  • Basic Fear: Of being trapped in pain and deprivation
  • Healthy self:I am a happy, enthusiastic person
Type Eight: The Boss or Challenger. Powerful, dominating
  • Basic Fear: Of being harmed, controlled or violated
  • Healthy self:I am a strong, assertive person
Type Nine: The Peacemaker. Easygoing, trusting.
  • Basic Fear: Of loss, separation and fragmentation
  • Healthy self:I am a peaceful, easygoing person
As the book The Wisdom Of the Enneagram says, “The core truth that the Enneagram conveys to us is that we are much more than our personality.”
To me, this model is 10 times more powerful than the Myers Briggs personality test.
So, if you are committed to your own development and growth, the Enneagram is an essential tool to have on your way to more freedom and self knowledge.
*The Wisdom Of The Enneagram by Ruso and Hudson

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