Saturday, December 26, 2009

TNM 086: Dan Millman – How to Live the Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Nice interview from Tripp at The New Man podcast. This is a great get for Tripp - like him or not, Dan Millman is a big name and a great interview subject.

TNM 086: Dan Millman – How to Live the Way of the Peaceful Warrior

22 December 2009


Are you more afraid of rocking the boat or looking like a wimp?

Do you see your current life as a diversion or as the training ground for being your best?

And how can you walk the razor’s edge between being a passive wimp and the aggressive tough guy?

This week, legendary author and peaceful warrior Dan Millman is on The New Man to help you confront your fears, quit settling for less and live THIS life in the moment.

In this episode:

  • What is a peaceful warrior and why should you care?
  • How to live your life as a peaceful warrior
  • Is spirituality just some idealistic, high level, pie-in-the-sky cream dream or does it reside where “the rubber meets the road?”
  • How to tell the difference between objective and subjective fears
  • What to do if you’re on the fence or have a difficult choice to make
  • How to find a teacher
  • How to tell if you’re on the “right path” or not
  • How to handle confrontations
  • How important is the body in walking the path?
  • Can Dan Millman take Deepak Chopra in a cage match?
  • The single practice to help you get the most out of this life

About Dan Millman, Author and Teacher


Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor.

After an intensive, twenty-year spiritual quest, Dan’s teaching found its form as the Peaceful Warrior’s Way, expressed fully in his books and lectures. His work continues to evolve over time, to meet the needs of a changing world.

Dan’s thirteen books, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, have inspired and informed millions of readers in 29 languages worldwide. The feature film, “Peaceful Warrior,” starring Nick Nolte, was adapted from Dan’s first book, based upon incidents from his life.

Much of Dan’s time is devoted to writing and speaking. His keynotes, seminars, and workshops span the generations to influence men and women from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, sports, entertainment, and the arts.

Dan and his wife Joy live in northern California. They have three grown daughters and two grandsons so far.


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