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Daryl Joseph Ducharme - Numinous, Masculine Sexuality – Awakening my sacred masculine

Daryl Joseph Ducharme takes an interesting look at The Hidden Spirituality of Men – Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine by Matthew Fox. I have this book, but I have only skimmed it - not enough to offer a good review.

Ducharme seems to be using the book to conduct his own exploration of spirituality. I found his two part series on the sixth metaphor in the book interesting, so I thought I would share the posts.

You can read his first comments on the book here. He has been working through the 10 metaphors in Fox's book at his blog (Deacon's Blog).

Numinous, Masculine Sexuality, part 1 – Awakening my sacred masculine

Welcome the first part of metaphor 6 on my journey through the book “The Hidden Spirituality of Men – Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine” by Matthew Fox. If this is your first time reading my blog you might want to at least read the initial post on the book. You can also check out other posts in the series. Beyond that, read on.

Here it is, the metaphor on sexuality. This metaphor was the most confronting to start reading. I put it off both subconsciously and consciously for about 2 weeks. At the same time, masculine sexual energy is a major reason I started looking into the men’s studies movement. As a father of two boys, I kept questioning whether or not I would know how to speak powerfully to them about sex when the time comes.

Being raised in an all (powerful) female household I really never had a male figure I trusted to discuss these things with and I was already ashamed about how other men treated women. Initially, the question of masculine sexuality pulled me on this journey through the sacred masculine and I was afraid of this metaphor the most (my ego was definitely shaking in its boots).

When I finally read the chapter, I breezed through it and got a lot of information. I felt much more comfortable and saw the bigger picture of the sacredness of sexuality. When I reread it before writing this article I noticed how much I missed. Realizing that my subconscious probably zoned out on the first pass, I made an effort to take in the information inside this book.

I feel I must say one thing before moving on. This article is about sexuality as it concerns the sacred masculine. It is meant as a serious spiritual discussion. Watch where you find yourself giggling as that is where you are probably missing out sacrament of sex. Read on if you are ready.

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Here is the second part.

Numinous, Masculine Sexuality, part 2 – Awakening my sacred masculine

Today’s post is part 2 of my post on Numinous, Masculine Sexuality. These two posts share my journey through the 6th metaphor from the book The Hidden Spirituality of Men – Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine by Matthew Fox. In my last post I talked about how ancient religions ( and some non-western religions ) worshipped sexuality as sacred. I also discussed how western religions have brought shame into the forefront of sexuality in an attempt to control the sacred. Finally, the last post discussed the fact that sacred sexuality is not just about intercourse – but rather intercourse is just one aspect. In revisiting this chapter I found myself starting to learn to play the guitar and it has given me access to a sexual spirit that has been suppressed for some time now.

The topics of today’s journey through numinous, masculine sexuality are sperm, male infertility, sexual diversity learning from the gifts of homosexuality and wrapping it all up in sexuality as sacred.


In the book, the author had asked a group of mostly men to write down an answer to the question, “What is Sperm?” He shared many of the responses he got and many of them were at or nearing poetic. As someone who had always been uncomfortable with anything sexual in nature it had been very easy for me to never even think about it. Well, in the honor of sharing my journey I am going to attempt to answer that question right here in this blog from my perspective. I only hope I can do it justice.

Why is it so hard to honor sperm? Is it because it has so many names that make us giggle or turn red? Is it because we are afraid of the awesome power that lies within? Sperm is a metaphor for possibility. Each sperm is the possibility of life, and not just any life. The possibility of a new life that we love more than we have ever loved before. I have 2 sons because of sperm. 1 came from planning and one came from a moment of passionate love but they are both a part of my life because of sperm. Of all the fluids that are worshipped in this world – blood, wine, holy water – this seems left out of the sacred mix. So even if it is only a moment before my shame rises again, I take this moment to honor distilled masculine sexuality in sperm.

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Daryl "Deacon" Ducharme said...

Thanks for taking a look at my blog. It's nice to see others taking a look at spiritual masculinity as well. I highly recommend reading this book more in depth. I find all my masculinity books could use a reread or two. I seem to get new insights every time I reread a chapter.