Friday, September 3, 2010

2.5 million British Men Too Fat to See Their Own Penis

Dudes . . . . !?!?

Some of the guys said they would use a penis pump before losing weight?! Is that in lieu of sex, or to make their penis bigger? WTF!?

I'll bet the number in the U.S. is way bigger since there are more of us (maybe even a higher percentage of the population, as well). This is craziness - being obese has become the norm, not the exception, and there is no reason for reason it.

2.5 million British men too fat to see their own manhood

Sep 3rd 2010 By Caroline Cassidy

Beer bellyAccording to doctors, the best way for men to find out if their beer belly is too big is to check whether they can see their willy without looking in a mirror.

Stop sniggering at the back, ladies.

And alarmingly, a new study conducted by weight-management specialists Lighter Life, reveals that 43 per cent of men haven't seen their own penis in the last two years – and 16 per cent can't remember the last time they saw it.

2,000 men took part in the survey, which suggests that, proportionally, 2.5 million British men are too fat to see their own penis.

Even worse, most of the men surveyed weren't especially bothered by this, and weren't motivated to lose weight and change their appearance.

Over half said they would lose weight if they were constantly embarrassed by their appearance, while others said health risks, inability to perform in bed and man boobs would make them change their lifestyle.

Some of the men who took part said they would resort to creative pubic shaving to make their equipment look larger, and others said they would consider a penis pump before weight loss.

A penis pump?

Has the world gone mad?

Still, at least now we know why so many blokes always miss the toilet when they're going for a wee – they obviously can't see what they're doing.

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