Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Secret Lives of Men - SAM KEEN: "Fire in the Belly" & “In the Absence of God”

Interesting - I never really got into keen's books for some reason. Maybe it was too woo for me, or too old school men's groupie, not sure.

SAM KEEN "Fire in the Belly" & “In the Absence of God”

Keen argued in "Fire in the Belly" that men must redefine their identities, going beyond the modern rites of manhood--alienating work, war, performance-oriented sex--the new male "psychonaut" brings forth meaning by undertaking "a spiritual journey into the self." In his latest book, "In the Absence of God" Keen sets out to recover the elemental experience of the sacred in everyday life. By appreciating emotions like wonder, gratitude, anxiety, joy, grief, reverence, compassion, outrage, hope and humility we may once again find ourselves in the presence of an unknowable but all present “G-D.” Keen suggests we may also regain the commonalities between Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other spirit traditions and end the contentious differences that have divided them and our world.

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