Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BBC - Questions men dare not ask a doctor

Turns out that when men finally do get to the doctor (and getting men to see doctors is notoriously difficult on average), they ask some interesting questions. In this episode of the BBC Men's Hour, Tim Samuels speaks with Dr Mark Hamilton about some of the more interesting questions men have come up with.

Questions men dare not ask a doctor

Tim Samuels
By Tim Samuels
Presenter, Men's Hour, BBC Radio 5 live

Figures suggest women are much more likely than men to visit a doctor. Even when they do, men can find it hard to talk about what's really ailing them. So what strange worries are on their mind?

Men are notorious for failing to open up about things that are bothering them. Particularly when their concerns are of a medical nature.

A survey by the Office for National Statistics found women were more likely than men to visit their GP regularly, and the Men's Health Forum also thinks men are becoming increasingly unlikely to visit a GP. With 17 years in medicine, Dr Mark Hamilton has first-hand experience of the medical matters that men struggle to talk about the most.

For the 60-Second Hypochondria slot on BBC Radio 5 live's Men's Hour, Dr Hamilton reveals some of the more unusual questions men have struggled to spit out to him - and gives his answers for those who have never been brave enough to ask.

"We offer an honest and accurate answer to practically any question a man can think of," said Dr Hamilton.

"And in my experience, men can think of some weird and wonderful questions. It still seems that they're a bit reluctant to visit the doctor for advice, so Men's Hour brings the doctor to them.

"The majority of my working life has been spent in the emergency department so I've been faced with dilemmas and questions covering almost any topic.

"Whether it's been busting an urban myth or challenging what some 'bloke down the pub' said, no question is too silly or trivial.

"Not every query has to be about sex or penis function, but that does still seem to make up the bulk of them as you'll see with the following selection."
Some of the questions include:
  • How can I stop myself from sweating on a date?
  • What's the best food to eat on a date to keep my energy up and stop her from falling asleep?
  • If I get shot, am I better off leaving the bullet in or trying to take it out?
  • Could a tight pair of swimming trunks worn all summer affect my reproductive chances?
  • What are the odds of my wife looking like her mother when she gets older - even though my wife is skinny but her mum is plump and jolly?
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