Friday, December 7, 2012

Congratulations to Dan Savage and Terry Miller, Finally Legally Married

I would like to extend a heart-felt congratulations to author, advice columnist, and co-founder of the It Gets Better Project, Dan Savage and his fellow co-founder and long-time partner Terry Miller on their marriage, which is finally recognized by law. Now their son DJ can proudly say, "My daddies are married!"

I've been reading Savage Love for more than 15 years, and have not always agreed with Savage, especially on open relationships (although he always points out the incredible difficulty of doing those well and on-goingly), but I have always admired his honesty and bluntness - as evidenced in "Dump the motherfucker already," better known to his readers as DMFA.

I have enjoyed his political consciousness and advocacy for basic human freedoms around harm-free sexuality with which government often seems to have a problem. More importantly, to me,he is open to new information and perspectives; for example, he initially supported Bush's invasion of Iraq, but eventually felt that Bush had not made a legitimate case for invasion (nor has convinced the UN and our allies). Eventually (2005) he felt the whole thing had been a disaster.

Anyway - offering blessings to Dan and Terry for a long and happy life together.

By the way, the Good Men Project also posted a nice note of congratulations:

Dan Savage and Terry Miller Legally Married At Last

The famed sex columnist and his husband were among the first to take advantage of Washington state’s new law recognizing their union.

We at the Good Men Project congratulate Dan Savage and Terry Miller on the legal recognition of their marriage in Washington state, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, which also has a slideshow of images of the happy couple receiving their official marriage license. Mr. Savage has been a longtime advocate for greater sexual and gender freedom for all people, and has worked to break down stereotypes and end oppression and bullying based on sexuality or gender. These are goals we at the Good Men Project share, and we hope that these ideals will continue to spread until they’re considered self-evident, painfully obvious, and frankly a little old-fashioned. We wish Mr. Savage and Mr. Miller continued happiness in their union.

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