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Jeffrey Platts - 3 Things I Now Want As A Man

Jeffrey Platts (at his eponymous blog) posted this excellent statement of purpose for his life - his desires and his goals, and the traits he seeks that will get him to being a Man on Purpose, Husband, and Father.

Jeffrey offers coaching, circling (Inter-Subjective Meditation), yoga instruction, and men's groups in the Washington, D.C. area.

3 Things I Now Want As A Man

Posted on by Jeffrey Platts

This has been a powerful year for me.

Through all the ups and downs, I’m getting clarity around who I am, what I want as man and what I want for my life, my heart, my soul. The days of wandering around and letting life drift me in any direction are becoming less and less tolerable as I realize I am the captain of this ship.

I’m noticing that I sometimes don’t allow myself to want things, because I either…
1. Don’t see how it is possible.
2. I feel I don’t deserve it.
3. I think that there is a limited supply of good things.
4. I let my current circumstances cloud my view.
5. I am embarrassed that what I want might sound cliché.
What’s become crystal clear is that I've been letting what I truly want stay hidden in the background for too long. Mostly to myself. And I’m discovering and declaring that my three of my biggest reasons for being on this planet are to be a husband, a father and a man on purpose.

It’s time to keep it simple and stick to the basics.

Right now, my heart is wide open, inspired and engaged. Yet I can’t be a husband without a woman and I can’t be a father without any children.

But my wife exists. She is out there right now. Living, sleeping, eating, smiling, breathing, dancing, dreaming, singing.

And my kids are on their way some time after that. Of course, after some years of fun with just me and my wife!

And I’m realizing that my job isn’t to worrying about how it’s all going to happen.

My job is to just BE and LIVE in the energetic frequencies of what I want and who I am as a man.

To embody the traits and actions of a good man so when reality saddles up beside my vision, the merging will be seamless. That’s a very different vibe than the single guy who not knowing what he wants or who he wants to be (and be with). I already have the traits of a good husband, father and man on purpose. The seeds are there. The more I live from that space, and take inspired action from that space, the more the Universe will present me with who and what matches that.

I made the lists below as a way for me to get clear on how I want to show up in the meantime.

So what does the vibe of what I want look like?
Go read the whole post - the list of traits Jeffrey seeks to embody are ones most of us could aspire to.

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