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A Smorgasbord of Sexualities in One Handy Diagram

This is a cool diagram explaining the multitude of sexualities expressed and experienced in Thailand. With 11 sexualities and 3 sub-sexualities to choose from, some younger people express confusion around their sexual identity. So the article, from Coconuts Bangkok, offers a few "support" groups for those who are confused (although one of the lesbian groups - Association of Toms and Dees Who Hate Men - are pretty militant in hating men who they feel harass and abuse them).

Thailand’s Smorgasbord of Sexualities in One Handy Diagram

By Coconuts Bangkok on 08.02.2013

A cartoon diagram explaining sexuality in Thailand has been making the rounds on Thai-language message boards and social media. For those of you who can’t read Thai script, we’ve created an English-language version.

The diagram features 11 sexualities and 3 sub-sexualities. Most of the categories are straightforward, but some of the terms are certainly new to us. For instance, an “adam” is a man who likes tomboys. A cherry is a woman who likes gay men.

The rest of the male categories are straight, bisexual, ladyboy/transvestite, and gay. Gay men are further divided into the subcategories of sexually dominant “kings” (or rooks) and sexually submissive “queens” (or rubs).

For females, the categories are straight, tom, dee (sometimes spelled dy), bisexual, lesbian, and cherry. The closest word in English to “tom” would be tomboy, though in Thai it implies a sexual preference for women. A “dee” is a female who exclusively likes toms.

Originally appearing on the forum Dek-D, the diagram provoked some humorous comments. A brief survey of the comments suggests that the diagram raises more questions than it answers.

“I am confused with my sexuality,” wrote user Jutjutjut.

“Which group do I belong to?” asked Jamiko.

“Kids of the next generation might be profoundly confused given the large number of sexualities,” wrote user 555.

Thankfully, plenty of only groups exist to clarify and support the smorgasbord of sexualities in Thailand.

The mission of Boy’s Love is to “support Thai boys to love on another.”

Similarly, the mission of the Lesbian Association (Men Not Welcome) [editor’s note: actual name] is to support Thai girls to love one another.

The Tom, Dee, Lesbian and Bi Association of Thailand denies following the “trend of Tom and Dee” and “seriously and sincerely” want to be in relationships with females.

The Association of Toms and Dees Who Hate Men takes a more militant stance due to frequent animosity between men and toms.

Adams also have their own Facebook group, The Boys Love Tomboys.

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