Saturday, May 25, 2013

Product Review - - "Live Burn-Free"

A few weeks ago, the folks at (the main site is being upgraded, so here is the Facebook page) asked if I would be wiling to review their product (since I maintain a male-oriented blog). I agreed, so they sent me a set of each product: a handle and five 3-blade razors, and a handle and four 5-blade razors.

The 5-blade model:

The 3-blade model:

I've gone through two of the 5-blade cartridges and one of the 3-blade cartridges so far. While the 3-blade model is better than most 3-, 4-, or 5-blade models we can buy in stores, I definitely prefer the 5-blade version - smoother shave and no burn.

The design of the razors eliminates razor burn (or mostly so), by recessing the blades just slightly. There is also a moisturizing strip. The handles are heavy and well-balanced, a very different feel from most store-bought razors. It's been a pleasure to use them - I will be a regular customer.


The price of 4 H5O cartridges is only $9.99 and the savings increase when you order 8-20 cartridges at once ($17.99-$32.99). Pricing is also $9.99 for 5 H3O cartridges, with additional savings when ordering larger quantities. I'm guessing the initial order comes with a handle at no extra charge, but since their site is being upgraded at the moment, I can't say that for sure.

Another cool feature is that they can put us on auto-ship so that we can automatically receive a new set of razor cartridges every 8-20 weeks. Shipping is free and there does not appear to be any sales tax either.

Personal Thoughts

By the way, not really a schwag bag, but they did send me about $20 worth of their razors.

Sometimes there is an upside to reviewing a product, even though I find it challenging to do so here - it's not what this blog is about.

But I have always hated shaving - my face is easily cut and I get a lot of razor burn (or I used to). We all have to shave, aside the bearded men among us, so why spend more money than necessary for an inferior product?

When I come across products I like, either through solicitation or dumb luck, I will share my finds with you. I get nothing further for this review (no referral fees or such), so I'm not in it for the money.

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