Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Men Project - Call for Submissions: Against Stereotypes

Via the Good Men Project . . . a call for submissions. JJ Vincent is looking for men who do not fit into the constrictive gender stereotypes we are offered as options for masculinity and manhood - he wants to read (and publish!) your stories.

Call for Submissions: Against Stereotypes

January 8, 2014 by JJ Vincent

Videographer by day, Fantasy Man by weekend.

JJ Vincent is looking for a bunch of Good Men with a bunch of Good Stories.

Stories, please!

I’m looking for a few good stories from men who are not gender stereotypes, who take expectations and toss them out the window.

Do people assume that you are one thing, but that’s not you at all? Or maybe you are everything they assume, but so much more, or different?

Do you interact in the world in unexpected ways? Did you choose a life path that most men would walk away from?
  • Are you my friend Joe, who’s a burly, bald, former Army Ranger turned SAH/homeschooling/fingerpainting Dad?
  • Are you my friend Marco, who is a tyed-in-the-cotton hippie and spends his days designing jet engines?
  • Do you love guns and trucks and football and playing in the kitchen with your grandkids?
  • Do people see a skinny, bespectabled “computer geek” and gasp in shock that you are a carpenter?
How have your choices and passions affect how you see the world and others around you, and how they see you?

What happens when you are not what they expect?

Tell me a story. Show me why stereotypes are dead. First-timers, new writers, all ages welcome.
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