Friday, January 3, 2014

The Production of Patriarchy - Bookforum Omnivore

From Bookforum's Omnivore blog, here is yet another fascinating collection of links on masculinity, patriarchy, and feminism, among other things.

Among the interesting reads is Constructing Our Own Definition of Masculinity: An Intersectionality Approach by Cristobal Salinas Jr. and Cameron C. Beatty (Iowa State), a talk given at the 2013 ACPA Annual Convention  (Las Vegas, NV), entitled "Looking Forward: A Dialogue on College Men and Masculinities."


The Production of Patriarchy

Dec 20 2013


muzuzuzus said...

a link in your list "Alice Robb on why you should be wary of studies that claim men and women's brains are wired differently." is not accessible! I very much wanted to read it which is very frustrating. Can you please direct me to some sources that I can access?

william harryman said...

the link seems to be working okay, but here it is again: