Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kevin Durant's MVP Speech Honors His Mother in its Authentic Gratitude

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The image here is the full-page ad Nike bought in the Oklahoman 
to honor Kevin Durant's MVP award.

Back in 2010, I wrote about how Kevin Durant handled his contract extension (he was not even a free agent yet) with the Oklahoma City Thunder (formerly the Seattle Sonics) while LeBron James made this HUGE media circus called The Decision (it has its own Wikipedia page - how many other player decisions in which team s/he will play with have their own Wikipedia page?).

So Kevin Durant is back in the news, having (at age 25) won his first NBA Most Valuable Player award (to go with several scoring titles). Likely, this is also the first of many.

He gave a very heart-felt and moving acceptance speech, thanking all of his teammates, especially Russell Westbrook, and also thanking all of his coaches.

But what really tugged at the heartstrings was the thank you he gave to his mother. How beautiful to see an athlete show such integrity on the biggest stage of his young career.

Here is the whole speech:

Some time markers for those who want to get to the point:
3:40 Durant individually thanks his teammates
13:05 Durant speaks about his bond with Russell Westbrook
18:12 Durant thanks his coaches
21:00 Durant thanks his family and his mom

Here is the USA Today story on the NBA using a Durant's words about his mother in a new Mothers' Day commercial.
When Kevin Durant gave his speech after winning the MVP, he gave his mother perhaps the best Mother’s Day present of all.
The Oklahoma City Thunder star touchingly said his mother was the “real MVP” at the end of his speech, giving way to a standing ovation for his mother and tears from mothers around the world.

The speech is now part of a new NBA ‘Mother’s Day’ commercial. Because while we can’t all thank our moms with a touching speech after winning the NBA MVP award, we can certainly remind her that she’s the MVP in our life.

Or at least send flowers. Helpful reminder: It’s Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there
who have or are raising authentic young men!

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