Thursday, September 25, 2014

Selfless Cop Changes Lives of Two Boys . . . FOREVER

When a Pittsburgh police detective noticed that two boys he was training in a boxing gym stopped showing up, he went looking for them. What happens next is why I still have faith in human beings.

These Kids Had No Idea a Cop Would React This Way When He Heard about Their Living Situation

Police officer Jack Mook was enjoying his bachelor life, only having himself to take care of. He was boxing in his spare time and noticed that a couple of foster kids he helped train stopped showing up.

He tracked them down and found that they were living under terrible circumstances with abusive foster parents. Jack took matters into his own hands and had them placed in a new foster home…HIS home. Jack traded in his single life for the life of a parent and even legally adopted the two boys. Jack and the boys wouldn’t have it any other way and are restoring a lot of people’s faith in humanity!

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