Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Real Man Admits His Mistakes and Apologizes

Deepak Chopra and Richard Dawkins have had an on-going difference of opinion over the years. For those who are not aware, Dawkins is a staunch biologist and atheist, while Chopra is an Ayurvedic doctor and believes consciousness is a fundamental force in the universe.

Apparently, Chopra had said some harsh things about Dawkins, taking Dawkins' criticisms as a personal attack and responding as a child (Chopra's assessment). There is a little history of this over at Patheos.

But unlike most public figures, Chopra apologized. I am not a fan of his work or his thinking, but I am hugely supportive of men (and all people, for that matter) who admit when they are wrong and offer an apology.

I think there has been a tendency is some traditional models of masculinity to believe admitting mistakes and apologizing is somehow weak and unmanly. That is a load of BS - it takes a lot strength and courage (two valuable traits in masculinity) to publicly admit when one is wrong.

A Public Apology to Dr Richard Dawkins

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