Thursday, December 29, 2011

Justin Maman's Tao to Earth™ Life Coaching

My friend Justin Maman has launched his life coaching business - Tao to Earth™ Life Coaching - he specializes in work with men, so I wanted to give him a shout-out.

Here is a little description of his services:

Tao to Earth™ offers a variety of personal growth opportunities and support services for men. The ways in which we can relate to one another are unlimited, and range from our shared biology as males to our widely varied sexual identities and personal backgrounds. Tao to Earth's committed intention is to create a space where no condition is left unexplored and no territory left undiscovered. Life is a journey along which many destinations are visited. The journey begins and ends with our selves.

In our programs, some of the areas we will explore are:

Manhood: What does it mean to be a man? What constitutes a man? What differentiates a man from a boy?

Friendship: What is true friendship? Who are our true friends? How can we become true friends to others?

Work: What concepts and beliefs do we hold around work? What is the purpose of work? What kind of work are men supposed to do? 

Money: What relationship do we have with and to money? How does a man's income reflect his self worth? What values do we hold in life as men?

Romance: How does romantic attraction emerge? What do we look for in a partner? What roles do we play romantically as men? How do romantic relationships impact and influence our lives as men?

Sexuality: What is sexuality? How do we express ourselves sexually? What feelings and assumptions around sexuality do we hold as men?

Health: What is health? What are the different dimensions of health? What aspects of health do we consider important as men? How can we approach our health in a healthy way?

Family: How significant is our relationship with our families of origin as men? What roles do our relationships with our mothers and fathers play in our lives today? How can we improve our lives by improving our relationship with our families?

Fatherhood: What is a father? What responsibilities does a father have to his child(ren)? What kind of father did we grow up having? What kind of father do we perceive ourselves to be currently or do we envision ourselves becoming? What values do we want to pass on to our children as fathers?

Purpose: What purpose does our life serve as men? What legacy do we intend to leave behind us when we pass away? What do we actively contribute on a daily basis for which no reward is consciously expected?

Spirituality: How do we perceive the mystery of life and the vastness of the universe? How do we resolve that which we cannot explain? What is the force which animates life? Who are we, really?

While these are some of the core issues which will be explored, many others may emerge. These discoveries profoundly benefit all those involved in discussion and often catalyze significant life transformation.

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