Friday, December 9, 2011

Shrink Rap Radio #289 – Jung and Holding The Opposites with Jon Jackson MD

This podcast is part of a series of episodes on Jungian psychology that also provides CEUs (at a price) for those who need them. It's an interesting series on Jung and his theories, hosted, as always, by David Van Nuys, Ph.D.

Shrink Rap Radio #289 – Jung and Holding The Opposites with Jon Jackson MD

It was only after his psychiatric residency that Dr. Jon Jackson discovered Carl Jung. More specifically, he first discovered Marie-Louise von Franz, who remains one of his major influences to this day. He sees himself as an intuitive introvert who has somehow learned to be extroverted in the “real” world. He worked for 15 years as a psychotherapist, seeing particularly difficult patients, and gaining extensive experience in dissociative and personality disorders. When he returned to California, he worked for several years for Sonoma County Mental Health, working with the indigent and chronically mentally ill. He was then Chief of Psychiatry at St. Helena Hospital for just over two years.

Following no major tradition, Dr. Jackson believes in the necessity of developing “spiritual depth” in oneself. He is a great lover of literature, film, radio dramas, comic books, and a very broad range of music. He currently is the Chair of the Numina Center for Spirituality & the Arts – a Santa Rosa group that promotes a broad-based spirituality as experienced through the Arts. He continues to work in radio on KOWS FM in Occidental, CA, producing a show titled “Sound Mind”, which often features interviews with musicians and other performers. He and his partner, Liza Brickey, hold a monthly study group in their Sebastopol home focusing on depth psychology.

John Jackson, MD was born in California, and then grew up barefoot in Kailua, Hawaii, before it was a State. He likes to say that where he is from is Olomana Mountain. He graduated from Kailua High School. His parents were both educators, and his father taught Educational Administration at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, prior to becoming the Superintendent of Education for the State of Hawaii during the 1960s. Much of Dr. Jackson’s early life was spent on the UH campus, which he later attended after graduating from Kailua High School. In 1969, he was one of the very first DJs on the new college radio station KTUH. He continued to work in non-commercial radio through much of his college years, and also for most of his life since then. In the early 1990s, Dr. Jackson returned again to the UH campus to be the psychiatrist for the students, and he also made his mark again on KTUH as a programmer for “The Alumni Show”.

As a freshman in college, Dr. Jackson initially majored in Psychology, switching later to Biology & Pre-Med, and he began his studies in Philosophy and Western Religion. He knew when he entered medical school that he wanted to be a Psychiatrist. His post-graduate training included a year of Internal Medicine, two years as a General Practitioner in Korea, Nuclear-Biological-Chemical training, Aviation Medicine, and a full Neurology residency. His Psychiatry training was in Hawaii, where he remained in private practice for many years. He currently is in private practice in Santa Rosa, CA.

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