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Call for Proposals: “Multiple Masculinities and Intersecting Identities” for the 2013 Men and Masculinities Conference

For those who might be interested in presenting at a conference . . .

Call for Proposals for AMSA’s 2013 Men and Masculinities Conference

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AMSA is now accepting proposals for the American Men’s Studies Association‘s 21st Annual Interdisciplinary Men’s Studies Conference to be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan April 4-7, 2013. The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2012.

The conference theme, “Multiple Masculinities and Intersecting Identities,” reflects the importance of exploring gender as it shapes and is shaped by other aspects of life experiences. Proposals related to this theme might include the intersection(s) of gender with age, race, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, economic status, career choice, religious identity, disability, or other identities. While we particularly encourage proposals that address the conference theme we also invite proposals on a range of other topics relevant to the critical study of men and masculinities which reflect the AMSA’s mission (see the AMSA mission statement at

Four types of submissions will be considered:
  1. Individual paper presentations (20 minutes allotted)
  2. Panel presentations of three or four papers on a specific topic or theme organized by the presenters (90 minutes allotted)
  3. Applied workshops addressing topics relevant to working with males, teaching men’s studies, or related applied experiences (90 minutes allotted)
  4. Poster presentations.
Proposals are invited from scholars, practitioners, activists, students, and other individuals interested in men’s studies and the critical examination of men’s lives and identities as men. Presentations from other venues (i.e., art, films, etc) will also be considered. AMSA conference presenters typically come from a range of academic disciplines, as well as clinical, educational, social services, and related fields but are not limited to these areas.

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