Thursday, June 28, 2012

Men and Feminism: A Good Men Project Roundtable

A disturbing number of men tend toward the opinion that if we are devoted to helping men, then we must, by default, oppose feminism. There seems to be a tendency toward defining all feminism (and feminists) by the rantings of the most extreme voices in the feminist cause - the radical feminists.

Clearly not all men's movement guys are SNAGs (sensitive New Age guys) or misogynists, so it is equally true that not all feminists are man-haters. Why is that so hard to accept?

The Good Men Project has convened a roundtable on men and feminism - some views I understand, some I do not. I'll let you decide which ones are worthwhile.

Men and Feminism: A Good Men Project Roundtable

If there’s one thing we’re all about here at the Good Men Project, it’s discussion. So when our erstwhile founder Tom Matlack wrote a controversial post about how he sees the role of feminism in discussions of men’s issues, we figured this was something worth talking about. Below you’ll find Tom’s original post, as well as a collection of response pieces from a number of our favorite contributors, representing many different points of view on this important issue.

Why Being a Good Man is NOT a Feminist Issue

Tom Matlack envisions a place where men can share stories of their struggle for goodness man-to-man apart from what women or feminists might say about that story.


Why Being a Good Man is Definitely a Feminist Issue

Noah Brand makes the case that gender theory applies to both genders.

These Are The Stories that Change Everything

Lisa Hickey responds to an article in The Atlantic about ‘having it all’ and debates feminism and Tom Matlack along the way.


Is Men vs. Feminism Even a Relevant Discussion?

Jesse Kornbluth asks why, with women’s rights under attack in America and around the world, we should argue about who gets to be in the club against these abuses.

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