Friday, June 8, 2012

TEDxLSE - Glen Poole - A New Gender Agenda

This sounds a lot like the MRAs in the U.S., but his agenda for men is hard to argue with.

TEDxLSE - Glen Poole - A New Gender Agenda

Glen Poole is a radical voice in the world of gender equality campaigning on issues like fathers' rights, men's health inequalities, male suicide, boys' educational underachievement, male role models and men and boys' personal safety. He first came to prominence as PR Director of Fathers 4 Justice and was described by the group's founder as "the most impressive campaigner" he'd ever met.

Glen is now the UK co-ordinator of International Men's Day and Strategic Director of The Men's Network, a dynamic social project based in Brighton and Hove that hosted the UK's First National Conference for Men and Boys in 2011.

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Glen Poole said...

Thanks for the reblog William

Have you considered - as a Spiral Dynamics practitioner - that the reasons it's "hard to argue with" is that it's holarchic turquoise meme as opposed to green meme feminism and red/orange/blue meme MRAs?


Glen Poole