Thursday, August 28, 2008

Men Mastering Relationship - The Masculine Path: Men’s Success Group

A support group for men exploring ideas of masculinity and success in a chaotic world.

The Masculine Path: Men’s Success Group

Cultivating True Success in Life, Work and Relationships

As human beings with a masculine core, men have special gifts to offer the world. Unfortunately, there is generally little support for men to develop to their truest potential. Many men have unknowingly twisted or disowned their true masculine nature in order to survive in confusing times.

The Masculine Path uncovers these inherent gifts and cultivates the positive masculine qualities in each of us so that we can take greater Leadership in our lives, relationships, organizations and beyond. This men’s group provides challenge, encouragement and accountability on our individual paths of masculine integrity and excellence.

The group is facilitated by Professional Coach, Relationship Mentor and Certified Hakomi Therapist, Justice Schanfarber. This group is not therapy. It is based on principles of Gender Synergy, personal responsibility and developing an integrated, masculine-centred approach to Life, Work and Relationship Success.

The Masculine Path is for Men who:

  • Have a Masculine Core (regardless of sexual orientation)
  • Are willing to develop a deep Honesty with themselves and others
  • Have Goals, Vision or Longing for a Truly Meaningful, Healthy and Successful Life
  • Are ready to improve their Relationships, Marriage and Family Life
  • Enjoy being Challenged and held Accountable by Conscious, Trustworthy Men
  • Will commit to showing up Real and pushing their Edge
  • Value Integrity and Personal Response-Ability
  • Want to discover their true Masculine Gifts and become a better Man - Husband/Lover/Father/Friend

“This is not simply a discussion group. We will be learning and applying new skills in our life, work and relationships to bring real change and true success to the parts of our lives that need it the most. In short, we create results. The men in the group will keep each other honest, accountable and supported on our path. As facilitator, I will provide focus, leadership and laser coaching in the moment. I place huge value on your time and efforts and I promise to be in deep service to your success.” ~ Coach Justice

We will meet evenings, by telephone, for an hour and a half, 3 times per month.

Because we meet by telephone, this group is accessible to men everywhere.

Go to the site for more information -- new group begins on September 1st.

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