Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Patrick Bergstrom - I Choose to Live

I found this at Eating Disorder Blogs - Life After Recovery (check it, there's good resources there). This was their post:
I just received a note from Patrick Bergstrom, a former college lacrosse player recovering from a 4 year battle with anorexia nervosa. Patrick just finished working with Lacrosse Magazine on a story about athletics and ED, which will be in the September issue. He is working with the NCAA to reach out to college students and athletes. His is such a rare and much needed perspective, and he's now made it his mission to reach out and help others on the college level. So I thought I'd post his new website

I also want to encourage you all to keep your letters coming for our AED benefit book on the stages of recovery! Our editorial team will be reviewing, selecting, and organizing the letters for the book in the next few weeks. Thank you so much to those who have sent your stories already. And if you're interested in contributing, please try to email your letters to by Sept. 1. There are no format or length requirements, no "rules." Just write from the heart and tell us what recovery means in your life and what is working best for you right now.
Patrick Bergstrom, former college lacrosse player, has a new site, Mastering Recovery: An Athletic Approach, and a new blog: I Choose to Live. Here is the introduction to the new venture:

I have played in many lacrosse games, where I have battled back to beat some of the fiercest opponents. Yet, little did I know, that the biggest battle of my life would take place off the playing field? Facing my past, confronting my demons and going head-to-head with my Eating Disorder have been the hardest challenges of my young life. How does one fight a war with both his mind and body? I have always been the go to player on the field but to face this disorder, I had to seek the help of those around me. I faced the “Enabling Dictator” by becoming the ultimate team player. My heart was my guide and my friends, family, therapist, and fellow teammates were my support. The only way to achieve victory is to openly ask for help!

The essence of team…..

“The coaching staff for your team is important, but coaches don’t win games, players do. This is so true in recovery as well. My greatest weapons for destroying my eating disorder were my teammates. Who were my teammates? They were those amazing souls I spent 30-some days in recovery with. (JM and CB) We came in as strangers connected only by our failures. Yet we left united, as friends and teammates in life. I was lucky to have two of the strongest teammates one could ever wish for. I took something from each of them everyday. One gave me faith and hope when I was ready to quit, and the other made me laugh when it seemed like I could only cry. I was a guy, and I found myself being saved by two strong females. This was an amazing feeling for me, and I will never forget them. When you are in recovery, other clients are your best resources for success. Recovering from an eating disorder is a team sport.”

--Patrick Bergstrom, Mastering Recovery: An Athletic Approach.

This is an important addition to the online resources for eating disorders -- a uniquely masculine site that focuses on the connection with sports that sometimes goes unnoticed.

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