Saturday, October 30, 2010

Failing Boys - Video Debates

Last but not least, some videos related to the series of articles posted by Canada's Globe and Mail.

Videos in Failing Boys

Video Debates Part 1: Are parents to blame?

Video debate: Before assessing blame, U of T's Kathleen Gallagher says you have to ask, 'what is our measure of success'?

Part 2: Are we too quick to medicate boys?

Child advocate Silken Laumann and the Globe panel discuss the assertion from Globe catalyst Judy McGuire that boys are overmedicated.

Part 3: Can haves and have nots co-exist?

The Globe panel discusses the challenges facing boys in today's education system

Part 4: Where are all the male teachers?

We should focus on the quality of our teachers, regardless of their gender, argues Silken Laumann.

Part 5: Are we failing boys?

There are profound differences to educating boys and girls, but the challenge is how best approach these differences within the classroom setting.

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