Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Men Remember Attractive Women Who Show Interest in Them

If you are female and you want a man to remember you, show some interest in him - unfortunately, this probably works better for dating than for business.

On the other hand, some men are not so adept at picking up these cues - and these are the men more likely to commit sexual aggression toward female acquaintances.

This post comes from Psych Central.

Men Remember Womans’ Initial Sexual Interest

By Rick Nauert PhD Senior News Editor
Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on October 12, 2010

Men Remember womans' initial sexual interest

New research finds that college-aged men are very likely to remember a woman’s initial sexual interest (attraction or rejection).

A man’s memory is especially prompted when the woman in question is thought to be attractive, is dressed provocatively, and expresses positive sexual interest.

In the study the men were shown full-body photographs of college-aged women who expressed cues of sexual interest or rejection.

The participating males represented mixed sexual histories, and a capacity for varying degrees of sexually aggressive behavior.

The ability to discriminate accurately between photos that the males had and had not seen previously indicated good memory for women’s sexual interest.

Throughout the study they were presented with previously viewed photos and new photos of the same women in which they communicated the opposite cue (e.g., rejection instead of sexual interest).

The average young man showed excellent memory for whether women initially displayed sexual interest or rejection.

However, males showed better memory for the woman’s sexual interest when the woman was broadly more appealing to him: she initially expressed positive sexual interest, was dressed more provocatively, and was thought to be attractive.

College-aged men at risk of displaying sexual aggression toward female acquaintances show worse memory for college-aged women’s sexual interest and rejection cues.

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