Monday, October 10, 2011

Bookforum - Masculinity Is a Performance (links and more links)

Interesting collection of links this morning on the performance of masculinity, from Bookforum. They always do their link collections as a paragraph, but I have tried to break them out into individual topics.

Click away.

Alford A. Young (Michigan): The Black Masculinities of Barack Obama: Some Implications for African American Men.
Rosemary Ricciardelli (York) and Philip White (McMaster): Modifying the Body: Canadian Men's Perspectives on Appearance and Cosmetic Surgery. 
Rethinking his-story: Sociologist Anthony Synnott comes not to bury men but to praise them — and to critique misandry and “victim feminists”. 
From The Good Men Project, masculinity is a performance in which men differentiate themselves from boys (and a response); is it time for masculinism? (and a response); and a special series on the end of gender
Why I am a feminist: In trying to understand the inhumanity of the sexual abuse he experienced as a young boy, Richard Jeffrey Newman found feminism to be the only politics that explicitly commits itself to a world in which that kind of inhumanity is no longer acceptable. 
The Dull Men’s Club: Certifiably and reliably dull, its members celebrate the ordinary and unremarkable. 
From Cato Unbound, what’s happening to men? Kay Hymowitz wants to know. 
From TED, Philip Zimbardo on the demise of guys
The unmanning of America: Rita Koganzon on the rise of women and the fall of men. 
Men aren't finished: Women are joining men as partners in running the world, not replacing them. 
review of Is There Anything Good About Men? How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Menby Roy F. Baumeister. 
review of Clint Eastwood and Issues of American Masculinity by Drucilla Cornell. 
Masculine norms: Why working women find it hard to reach the top. 
review of Creating the College Man: American Mass Magazines and Middle-Class Manhood, 1890-1915 by Daniel A. Clark. 
Man-cave masculinity: A man’s quest for his soul starts with a walk downstairs.

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