Thursday, October 27, 2011

Robert Augustus Masters - Eros Undressed: Into the Heart of Sex

Over at Integral Life, Robert Augsutus Masters has offered a new article in his monthly column - "Eros Undressed: Into the Heart of Sex." He presents, as usual, some very clear insights on the perspectives from which we see our sexuality:
And there is so much that we expect sex to do for us! More often than we might like to admit, we assign it to stress release, security enhancement, spousal pacification, egoic gratification, pleasure production, and other such tasks. We may use it as a super sleeping pill, a rapid-action pick-me-up, an agent of consolation, a haven or hideout, a control tactic, a proof that we’re not that old or cold. We may also employ it as a psychological garbage disposal, a handy somatic terminal for discharging the energies of various unwanted states, like loneliness or rage or desperation. Mostly, though, we just tend to want sex to make us feel better, and we use it accordingly, whether in mundane, dark, or spiritual contexts.
He argues that we will never have any freedom around sexuality and sexual intimacy until we can release it from our needs for it to make us feel better.

Here is the beginning of the article.

Eros Undressed: Into the Heart of Sex

Read the whole article.

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