Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Introduction To Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue was created by Hal and Sidra Stone back in the 1970s from an amalgam of Jungian and Gestalt (among others) therapeutic perspectives. While most people in the integral community know about Big Mind/Big Heart, the pseudo-spiritual method of dis-identification created by former Zen teacher Dennis Merzel, many fewer people know that what he teaches is essentially little more than Voice Dialogue, minus the safeguards that a therapeutic environment includes.

You can check out their reading room here. The book above, Embracing Our Selves, is considered the Voice Dialogue Manual.

They also have a YouTube Channel with a handful of short videos, of which this is the Introduction.

Introduction To Voice Dialogue

I think there is much of value in their approach that can help men in their personal growth - as we become of aware of our various roles in life - father, son, brother, husband, friend, employee - we can then become more aware of our parts or subpersonalities.

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