Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lawrence Barraclough - One Man's Relationship with His Penis [NSFW]


How is that for a title sure to bring a lot of people here who have NO interest in gender and masculinity? Maybe if you found this blog for some other reason, you'll have a read and hang around a bit.

Male concern with penis size is so universal that it is the subject of jokes and, more importantly, the subject of shame. A lot of guys who are perfectly normal in penis size feel ashamed of what we tend to refer to as their "manhood."

And that is certainly a part of the problem - men can be so identified with penis size that not being "hung like a horse" is seen as a sign that he lacks virility or manliness. There seems to be some assumption (likely from watching porn) that the average male penis is at least 7 inches long erect. Not so much. According to Wikipedia:
Results vary, with studies that rely on self-measurement reporting a significantly higher average than those with staff measuring, but a mean erect human penis is approximately 12.9–15.0 cm (5.1–5.9 in) in length. Flaccid penis length is a poor estimate of erect length.
In the interest of full disclosure, I worried about this issue when I was a young man. My best friend in middle school/high school was well-hung (we all played sports growing up, so these things are obvious), and in comparison I thought that I must be abnormal. As I grew up, and had wonderful, enthusiastic sex with my various partners, I stopped worrying about it.

Perhaps all adolescent boys worry about this as they become more socially and sexually aware. That's my guess . . . but as the film points out, men can talk about almost everything, but NOT their penises.

Lawrence Barraclough - My Penis and I
This is a film I made (The Author) in 2005 for the BBC. “I guess this thing is about having a small dick, and it’s horrible saying that because it’s true…. And why is it such a problem? This is what this film is about”. My Penis and I follows my two-year journey to discover if size matters. It charts the effect my penis has had on my life, my family and my relationship with my girlfriend Nicola. The film is now out of BBC licensing and I am free to distribute it non-commercially.

My Penis and I from Lawrence Barraclough on Vimeo.


David said...

Lawrence, can you email me at deasleymd@gmail.com? I want to talk a little but I'm not sure how to contact you. Thanks, David.

Anonymous said...

I am a very firm believer that it's not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean that matters.

I have been on many boat rides and so far, the smallest dinghy I ever rode on (my current boyfriend) far exceeds all of my previous experiences with sail boats and cruise ships types.

He feels better than those guys because he pays attention to me and how I am responding instead of thinking about himself and his dick the whole time.

Cheers and best of luck with your motion! =)

PS. Thanks for the documentaries, they were very entertaining and genuine. Although, I do hope that one day you realize that the world doesn't revolve around your dick.