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5 False Myths About Male Sexuality

A quick little post from a site called Island Crisis - from Mauritius (an island nation off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, about 560 miles east of Madagascar) - YES, I had to look that up.

Useful reminders than men are not simply brainless sex machines. Pay special attention to #4 - if your man fails in this one (not referring to the occasional times when this is the point), he's probably too self-absorbed to be a good partner in other areas of life.

5 False Myths About Male Sexuality

Myths about male sexuality and what men think sex is all about has amazed women and everyone since a long time. The myths affect even the most educated and well informed in one way or the other. Here we debunk five of the most commonly encountered myths regarding male sexuality.

male sexuality

1. Myth: Men are always ready for sex

Fact: This is a very individual reaction. Men who absolutely love sex, are also never in the mood all the time. They also have other things on their mind! Just the way sex is a satisfying activity for men, so are other things in life. Lack of interest is also seen in overworked men.

2. Myth: The “size” is all what matters

Fact: Most men refer to their p0rn collection for comparison regarding the penis size and when they see electronically enhanced examples, it leaves them feeling inadequate as they have been fed with another myth that the size is directly proportional to pleasure for the partner. The fact is that the sizes are varied and the size really has no bearing on the pleasure level.

3. Myth: Ejaculating always indicates orgasm

Fact: Ejaculation and orgasm are considered to be the same by most people. This is not true. Orgasm does not always accompany ejaculation. At times, there is orgasm without any ejaculation and is known as dry orgasm.

4. Myth: Men are not much interested in foreplay

Fact: Most women believe that men are only interested in fornicating as soon as possible and reaching orgasm. But most men have started looking beyond just ejaculating and achieving orgasm, and tend to relish foreplay which puts both partners at ease before the act. The foreplay takes off any performance pressure from their minds.

5. Myth: Sex ends with ejaculation

Fact: Almost everyone does have this myth that as soon as man ejaculates, the act is over. Far from the truth, the actual fact is that couples need not end it at just that. They can slow down for a while and then resume the speed all over again reaching orgasm over and over again.

Most of these false perceptions regarding male sexuality have been a resultant of ignorance regarding the subject of sex and lack of formal sex education even among the educated lot. Anything you want to add to this small list? Share with us below.

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