Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elephant Journal's Call and Response - Masculine and Feminine

Interesting happenings over at Elephant Journal.

First Lasara Allen posts The Lost Art of Masculinity and gets like a million comments (well, OK, 97 with more than 2,100 views). It's a very good article. That's the call.

Now we have the response, Jimmy Gleacher has posted The Lost Art of Femininity. I think I am considerably less in sync with this one, overall, although I think he is correct that the MSM is cruel to women.

Here is a sample of Jimmy's wisdom about being a man:
I didn’t know masculinity was an art form. I kinda thought it just happened if you peed standing up. Allen’s article was neither original nor thought-provoking, imho, but it did make me realize how complete and utterly annoying it must feel to be a woman in this society where they are constantly barraged by articles just like Allen’s in which a lone author actually tells an entire gender how to act.
Really? No wonder women think we are shallow, and no wonder so many men feel lost. You are masculine because you have a penis? That is your sex, not your masculine identity, my friend.

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Lasara said...

Hey there! Thanks for the post! I'm glad you enjoyed the article.