Monday, August 30, 2010

MensNewsDaily Set to Cease Publication

The online men's magazine, Men's News Daily, is ceasing publication after nearly nine years of daily posts. I'm not a huge fan of the site - much of the material is anti-feminist and politically conservative - but there are not many online places for men, so it's sad to see them go.

Here is the beginning of founder and editor Mike LaSalle's statement:

MND to Retire

Saturday, August 28, 2010
By Mike LaSalle

Simulacra or Simulation?

Since its inception, has offered global views for a general audience.

In almost 9 years of continuous operation, MND has operated as a realty-check on the Culture of Misandry, but it has never been a “men’s club” — which is whaMND, t (not surprisingly) many men still want and need.

Some years ago, Angry Harry wrote about this in his article, “Gaea and the Men’s Movement”.

The idea goes like this: the Internet now makes it possible to capture and channel all of those millions of men across continents who become interested in the Men’s Movement as a direct result of their personal encounters with some form of Governance Feminism.

Over time, groups of these men would coalesce around one website or forum, which would then become a vital concern. Tensions would eventually split that group like a dividing cell, thereby producing two or more separate and independent groups. These would subdivide again and again, until MRA groups of all kinds were represented everywhere.

So it is that the Internet has been the driving force bringing men together in online groups and to learn about the problem of Governance Feminism.

MND started 9 years ago under the sheer impetus of all of those disenfranchised men who had no where else to go on the Internet. MND was the only game in town for many years.

For almost a decade, this website has conveyed ideas and information that is specifically critical of the Culture of Misandry and other postmodernist assumptions du jour. In 9 years of operation, I would estimate conservatively that 20 million people have visited at one time or another.

MND has always covered all topics, for all people. This has been intentional: uncommon ideas can be introduced to the general population through general interest media.

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