Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bookforum - Fun with Sex Differences

Here is an assortment of links form Bookforum on the fun topic of sex differences. As always, some are good, some not so much.

Jonathan Crowe (Queensland): Men and Feminism: Some Challenges and a Partial Response. J. Herbie DiFonzo (Hofstra): How Marriage Became Optional: Cohabitation, Gender, and the Emerging Functional Norms. Are women paying the price for taking their husband’s name? From The Atlantic Monthly, all the single ladies: More American women are single than ever before — here's why, and what it means for sex and the family. A man's guide to a woman's wardrobe: For many men, fashion is a foreign country; Luke Leitch, who has gone native, provides a map. A review of Duels and Duets: Why Men and Women Talk So Differently by John L. Locke. Men at Arms: Rousseau and Burke debate masculinity and the liberal order. In Duels and Duets, John L. Locke argues that men and women have radically different ways of speaking not because of their upbringing, but because they have radically different evolutionary needs. Robert Kurzban has fun with sex differences. Why are men obsessed with being tough? How unrealistic expectations hurt men and women. Rape culture and other feminist myths: According to some feminists, rape is much worse — and better — than all other violent crimes. A study finds women aren't becoming engineers because of confidence issues. Michael Taylor on why men hate chick flicks. Half Dead: Jesse Bering on men and the “midlife crisis”. Weak guys can’t be heroes: The action heroes of the silver screen have long displayed our ideals of strength and determination in their physique making them objects of adoration, but does the modern action hero need an overhaul? Natalie Wolchover on men vs. women: Our key physical differences explained. Leftist ideologies seem to attract a very particular type of woman — by looking at the Left’s women intellectuals, we learn about their character. A look at 7 female behaviors that baffle men (explained!).

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