Thursday, November 17, 2011

Updates on the Penn State Sexual Molestation Case

The boy identified as Victim #1 in the police reports is said to have watched the recent television interview with the alleged perpetrator, former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, and cried in the fear that Sandusky might walk free from the charges, this according to the boy's mother.

In addition, the mother of a boy who lived with Sandusky as a foster child (and later adopted by Sandusky as an adult) claims that her son become more and more afraid of Sandusky over time, although the boy, now 32, claims he was never abused by the coach. Juvenile records indicate that there were serious concerns about the boy's care in Sandusky's home.

Another twist in the story is former graduate assistant (and current assistant coach, on leave) Mike McQueary claims that he reported Sandusky to police - but local police say they never received any such report.

A lawyer for one of the boys who was victimized (yes, I am using the word victim here - boys at that age are unable to defend themselves against a perpetrator who preys on the fact that they have already been sexually abused) says his client fully intends to testify that he "was severely sexually assaulted by Mr. Sandusky."

In an interview Monday night with NBC's Bob Costas, Sandusky said he was "innocent" of the charges, adding that he never had sexual contact with the children — all of whom were associated with a charity for at-risk kids that Sandusky founded known as The Second Mile. Sandusky acknowledged that he showered with some of the children after workouts but claimed that his only contact was "horseplay" and not sexual.

You can find full coverage of the ongoing story here and here.

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