Friday, November 18, 2011

Real Warrior Profile - Major Ed Pulido

When we hear about soldiers wounded in battle in Iraq or Afghanistan, we tend to hear mostly about the ones who have recovered from frightening injuries and seem to have found a sense of peace with their new lives.

We hear less often about those men (and women) who recover from their physical wounds but struggle with the emotional and psychological wounds, with PTSD. The Real Warrior series looks at some of those men and women.

Channel N, from Psych Central, posted this particular video, which is how I learned about the project.

A Real Warrior


Major Ed Pulido

A US Army veteran describes what it was like to experience a severe blast injury in the Iraq war that affected him both physically and psychologically. 17 surgeries and many months in hospital saved his body, but it took more than that to heal from PTSD that also resulted. Now retired, he works to inspire others to seek help. The military media campaign Real Warriors profiles a series of veterans who suffered from PTSD and demonstrated the strength to seek assistance in recovery.

See all the videos here.

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Producer: Real WarriorsFeaturing: Maj. Ed Pulido
Format: FlashDate: 03/08/10
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