Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daily Om - Facing Problems: Running Away versus Moving Forward

Most of us run away from our problems at some point rather than stand up and face them head on - this includes forms of running away like self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, compulsive sex or porn, and even compulsive video gaming.

Running has never been known to solve a problem, and sometimes (maybe often) it makes them worse.

This Daily Om from yesterday (November 4, 2011) looks at this issue.
Running Away versus Moving Forward
Facing Problems

Make sure you aren’t running away from your problems, always moving towards something.

There are times when change—moving to a new city or a new home, or changing careers—is the right thing at the right time. But there are also times when the urge for change is really just a desire to run away from problems that need to be faced rather than avoided. These are the kinds of problems that recur in our lives. For example, issues with coworkers that seem to arise at every job we take, or repeatedly getting into unhealthy relationships. A move might temporarily distract us, and even cure the problem for a time, simply by taking us out of the situation in which the problem fully manifested itself. However, the problem will eventually appear again in our new situation. 

One way to make sure you aren’t running away from your problems is to notice whether you are moving towards something that is exciting in its own right, as opposed to something that is appealing only because it is not where you are now. For example, if you are leaving a city because you feel you can’t afford it, you could be reinforcing poverty consciousness, and you might find that you are unable to make ends meet in your new city as well. It would ultimately be less of an effort to stay where you are and look more deeply into your beliefs about money. You may discover that as you address these issues, you are able to make more money simply by changing your mindset. You may still decide to move, but it will be an act with a positive intention behind it and not an escape, which could make all the difference.

Any pain involved in facing our issues is well worth the effort in the end. When we face our problems instead of avoiding them, we free our energy and transform ourselves from people who run away into people who move enthusiastically forward.

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