Thursday, June 16, 2011

Join Me This Afternoon at The Ultimate Men's Summit

Today at 3:30 (Pacific Daylight Time) I will be live with Owen Marcus and our moderator, Lion Goodman, as we discuss "From Boy to Man - What It Takes To Finally Grow Up."If you have not yet registered, it's not too late - just follow this link, it's all free. Once you register you will have access to download all the other excellent sessions in this revolutionary Men's Summit.

Signing up for The Ultimate Men’s Summit gives you live, personal access to the following leaders (the "personal access" part only applies to being present for the live discussion, where you can ask questions):

Jack Canfield, Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Kokomon Clottey, Neale Donald Walsch, Claudio Naranjo, Dan Millman, Sequoyah Trueblood, Gary Zukav, John Friend, Andrew Harvey, John Perkins, Hal Stone, Gay Hendricks, Satyen Raja, Derrick Ashong, John Robbins, Matthew Fox, Bill Kauth, Riane Eisler, Jed Diamond, Michael Tamura, Bill Plotkin, Saniel Bonder, Stephen Dinan, Caroline Casey, Arjuna Ardagh, Lawrence Ellis, Gordon Clay, Gordon Wheeler, Yacine Kouyate, Alison Armstrong, Brian Johnson, Steve Bhaerman, Gabor Mate, Michael Dowd, Ocean Robbins, Tom Pinkson, Keith Merron, Rick Phillips, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Lion Goodman, Michael Taylor, Jim Channon, Terry Patten, Michael Schiesser, Craig Neal, Robert Augustus Masters, Tim Kelley, Brad Leslie, Wesley Thomas, Michael Gurian, Warren Farrell, Herb Goldberg, Michael Kimmel, Ed Tick, Anguksuar (Richard La Fortune), Barnet Bain, Chris Kyle, Jayson Gaddis, Raz Ingrasci, Robert White, Gary Stamper, Tripp Lanier, Richard Platt, Bert H. Hoff, Mark Schillinger, Luis J. Rodriguez, Owen Marcus, William Harryman, Carista Luminare, Demetri Velisarius, Jim Benson, Paul Dobransky, Britta Johnson, Jeffrey Leiken, David Richo, John Welwood, Mikki Willis, Bryan Bayer, Martin Ucik, Dan Doty, Ronn Landsman, Adam Gilad, Jeffrey Armstrong, David Kaar, Paul Elam, Greg Cortopassi, Howard Spierer, Josie Lehrer.

Event Co-Sponsors:

The Shift Network, The ManKind Project, Men's Divisions International, The Shift Movie, MaestroConference, Tribe of Men, Heartland Circle, Awakening the Bay, Compassionate Action Network, Peace X Peace, The Wisdom Connection, CSRwire, Spirituality and Health, Essentially Men, Men's Health Week.

Remember, it's all free - there are still 3 more days of sessions, so register now.

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