Friday, June 17, 2011

Secret Lives of Men - The art of flourishing; Jeffrey Rubin

In this episode of the Secret Lives of Men, Chris Blazina interviews Jeffrey Rubin on the topic of flourishing - how we can live our best and most productive lives. Rubin's book is The Art of Flourishing: A New East-West Approach to Staying Sane and Finding Love in an Insane World, and it's really a handbook for conscious self-care, something we all could a little more of in our lives.
The Art of Flourishing - Jeffrey Rubin

In this original and deeply revealing exploration of the self and relationships, Dr. Jeffrey Rubin brings the art of flourishing to life. The idea is startlingly simple: self-care is the foundation of intimacy, and intimacy is the culmination of self-care. The Art of Flourishing provides the reader with the tools necessary to thrive, to live a life of meaning, passion, and fulfillment.

An expert on both Eastern meditative and Western psychotherapeutic traditions, Dr. Rubin draws on the best practices of each to create a new and accessible path to living authentically. His unique synthesis provides a remarkably lucid guide for handling our emotions wisely, discovering our purpose, and uncovering barriers to intimacy—the hidden emotional weeds that kill passion, such as conflicts over communication and power, boundaries and sexuality. Drawing from case examples and personal experiences, Rubin explains how to remove these obstacles to nurture empathy and mutual respect. Creating and cultivating a garden of love enables us to grow as individuals and nourish our connections with others. It widens our horizon of possibility, deepens our humanity, and helps us flourish, which is a priceless gift to the world.

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