Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Way of the Evolutionary Man

Craig Hamilton, Founder of the Academy for Evolutionaries, has organized a free online seminar featuring mostly his "integral movement" buddies and Robert Augustus Masters, who has been recently adopted by the integral mainstream after years of being ignored.

This has already happened, but I suspect you can still register and download the audio for each session. Register here.

By the way, I find it interesting that this was planned to occur during the same week as The Ultimate Men's Summit, where a couple of these speakers also have been included.

Most of the names here are familiar to the integral community, with the headliner being Ken Wilber himself. I have to say, however, I was disappointed in his contribution. It was mostly a rehashing of the gender stuff from SES, much of which I do not buy into. Oh yeah, and I still remain baffled at the inclusion of Warren Farrell as an integral thinker - he is so not that.

I do want to add a kudos for having Chris Kyle as the facilitator - he's a good guy and a good discussion leader.

The Way of the Evolutionary Man

A Free Online Teleseminar Series For Men Who Want To Consciously Evolve Themselves And Our World

Join ten of today’s leading evolutionary teachers and thought leaders in exploring what it means to be an “Evolutionary Man” -- with heart and spine -- at this critical time in history.

Their question to men today: How do we cultivate our unique gifts and abilities as men, to help awaken and evolve our world?

We can feel it: the world is changing, and it’s calling us. Every day we feel a stronger impulse to participate in this change, to contribute to it and guide it. We feel the call to give our fullest presence and power to this great project of evolution. And yet it sometimes seems the world doesn’t really want our help.

Especially in the climate of the last few decades, where patriarchy has been pointed to as the cause of all of the ills of the world, masculinity itself has often seemed under attack.

It’s no wonder that many men feel ambivalent, embarrassed or even a bit ashamed by our sex.

Our old macho identities no longer fit. We have been freed from being John Wayne, and few of us want to return to outmoded archaic expressions of masculinity.

But in progressive culture, we haven’t yet seen many good alternatives. The often parodied “sensitive new-age guy” feels more like a retreat from masculinity than a step forward.

But a new kind of man is emerging from within...

Neither patriarchs nor wimps, we are committed to bringing our authentic gifts into the world without apology and learning to embrace our deeper masculinity without reserve. We are striving to meet today’s great challenge: to forge in our consciousness a new kind of man liberated from the old archetypes and new roles alike to participate consciously in our own evolution and the evolution of humanity. We are Evolutionary Men.

And we’re in uncharted territory -- often with little to guide us.

To generate conversation and inquiry around these important questions, we have brought together some of the world’s leading evolutionary men for a week-long summit on the unique challenges that we are presented with at this moment in time, as we bring forth something that has never existed before: The Way of the Evolutionary Man.

This series will be a space to engage the most pressing questions facing men who want to unleash their evolutionary energies and join in the creation of a better world.

Whether you know yourself to be an Evolutionary Man already, or can only dimly hear his call on the edge of your consciousness, we’ve created this Summit for you.

Join Us for This Groundbreaking Discussion

  • How do we express a genuine masculinity without becoming dominating or controlling?
  • What is the significance of our role in helping to awaken and evolve the world?
  • How do we skillfully bring our vulnerability and our strength together?
  • What's the relationship between our own inner transformation and our power to change the world?
  • How can we find and practice with other evolutionary men to create space that supports our deepest growth?
  • What do evolved intimate relationships look like?

Participation Is FREE

There is no cost to participate in this live, interactive event. Thanks to our generous sponsors, and to all the luminaries who have volunteered their time, we are able to offer this event freely to the public. All you need to participate is a telephone or computer.

Sign up today and you'll also receive a free subscription to the Evolving Wisdom newsletter. There is no charge for this, and you can cancel with a keystroke anytime.

Enter your first name and email address in the box below, and we'll send you the access details for this ground-breaking series.

The Way of the Evolutionary Man Speakers

Ken Wilber: Ken Wilber is the most widely translated academic writer in America, with 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages and is the first philosopher-psychologist to have his Collected Works published in his own lifetime. Credited with developing a unified field theory of consciousness—a synthesis and interpretation of the world's great psychological, philosophical, and spiritual traditions—Ken Wilber is the most cogent and penetrating voice in the emergence of a uniquely American wisdom. He is widely regarded as the preeminent scholar of Integral theory, which continues to gather momentum around the world.

Neale Donald Walsch: Neale Donald Walsch is considered a modern day spiritual messenger by millions of people around the world. After working most of his life in communications, Walsch, in the early 1990s, lost his health, his job and his marriage. Homeless at age 49, he relied on the kindness of people he met on the street. He subsequently wrote the nine-book, bestselling Conversations with God series which gained him a worldwide following. The books have sold more than 7.5 million copies globally and been translated into 37 languages.

Terry Patten:Terry Patten is a leading voice in the emerging fields of integral evolutionary leadership and spirituality. In his cutting-edge writings, talks and teaching, he not only inspires transcendental awakening, love and freedom, but calls us to accept and incarnate our full humanity. In his current work, he is helping to articulate an authentic spirituality that illuminates the vital relationship between sincere care, discriminative intelligence, personal responsibility and spiritual awakening. Terry is a coach, consultant, teacher, and host of the popular online series, Beyond Awakening. He author of four books, including (with Ken Wilber) Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening.

Warren Farrell: Dr. Warren Farrell has been chosen by the Financial Times as one of the world's top 100 thought leaders. His books are published in over 50 countries, and in 15 languages. They include two award-winning international best-sellers, Why Men Are The Way They Are and The Myth of Male Power. A book on couples communication, Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say, was a selection of the Book-of-the Month Club. His book, Father and Child Reunion, has inspired many dads to be more involved with their children. Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap--and What Women Can Do About It was chosen by U.S. News and World Report in 2006 as one of the top four books on careers.

Bill Kauth: Bill Kauth was working as a psychotherapist and business consultant in 1984 when he conceived and co-founded the New Warrior Training Adventure. It has now served nearly 50,000 men through The ManKind Project with 40 centers in 8 countries around the world. In 1992 St. Martin’s Press published his book A Circle of Men: The Original Manual for Men’s Support Groups. As a social inventor over the last two decades, Bill also co-founded the Spiritual Warrior, Inner King Training and in 1995 launched the Warrior-Monk Training Retreat.

Carter Phipps: Carter Phipps is the executive editor of EnlightenNext magazine. In his ten years with the magazine, he has been responsible for some of its most in-depth investigative features, including the "The Real Evolution Debate," a spiritual and scientific analysis of evolutionary worldviews. Phipps has also helped to forge the magazine's reputation as the premier popular publication espousing the ideas of integral philosophy through his feature articles on the work of Ken Wilber ("A Philosopher of Everything") and on Steve McIntosh ("Integral Politics Comes of Age").

Thomas Hubl: Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher of uncompromising clarity, which brings the enlightened potential of a new "Culture of WE" into the light. His workshops and trainings invite people to experience a deeper dimension of self-awareness and individual responsibility. Radical transcendence of ego opens the door to deeply authentic expression, service to the world and stable relationship with the absolute. Experiencing a driving inspiration to evolve, people give their gifts to the world in concrete ways. He founded the Academy of Inner Science whose programs teach not only on personal transcendence, but also active responses to the postmodern challenges of the human condition.

Michael Dowd: Michael Dowd is the author of the bestselling book, Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World , which has been endorsed by numerous Nobel laureates and science luminaries, including noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the spectrum. He and his wife, Connie Barlow, an acclaimed science writer, have spoken to more than a thousand groups since launching their itinerant evolutionary ministry in 2002. At home in both liberal and conservative settings, and uniquely gifted at building bridges between religious and non-religious people, Michael shares the Epic of Evolution, our common creation story, in ways that uplift and expand heart, mind, and soul.

Robert Augustus Masters: Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D., is the author of 11 books (including Transformation Through Intimacy and Spiritual Bypassing), as well as a teacher of spiritual deepening and a highly experienced psychotherapist and bodyworker (and trainer of psychotherapists) with a doctorate in Psychology. His uniquely integral, intuitive work (developed over the past 32 years) dynamically blends the psychological and physical with the spiritual, emphasizing full-blooded embodiment, authenticity, emotional openness and literacy, deep shadow work, and the development of relational maturity.

About Your Host

Integral Enlightenment founder Craig Hamilton is a pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality. In his inspired writings, talks, and teachings, he calls us to awaken beyond the confines of the separate ego and dedicate our lives to the further evolution of consciousness itself.

Craig is a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a member of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum, and was a participant in the Synthesis Dialogues, a 35-person interdisciplinary think tank presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His celebrated conversations with other luminaries form the basis of the acclaimed webinar series’, “The Great Integral Awakening: Pioneering A New Spiritual Path,” and “Awakening the Impulse to Evolve: The Birth of Evolutionary Spirituality.” He has also been a contributor to Shift magazine and co-authored IONS’ 2008 Shift Report.

About Your Facilitator

Chris Kyle will be leading the LIVE "Evolutionary Cafe" interactive sessions at the end of each evening to discuss the key insights from each speaker as well as lead individual and group practices to further integrate the lessons learned.

Chris is a speaker, coach, trainer and the Director of Men’s Programs at Evolving Wisdom. He is also the co-founder of The Global Men’s Network, a non-profit organization committed to connecting men to the answers, support and solutions they need to lead deeply meaningful lives that make a positive difference in the world. Chris is also an expert facilitator of large and small groups and has been leading personal development workshops for over 14 years including with The ManKind Project® where he is a certified Co-Leader.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I love your site. I've been following it for almost a year now.

That said, I wish more of the things happening in the men's movement included more minorities. This has nothing to do with your blog, it's more about the movement in general.

Still, your blog is great. Keep up the good work!

WH said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for the kind words about the blog - and I completely agree with you about the lack of diversity in the men's movement. It's frustrating. I can't think, off hand, of a single Hispanic or Asian leader in men's studies.

That said, I do highly recommend Michael Taylor ( and Sage Mahosadha (, two very different men of color who have sincere concern for the evolution of male consciousness.

I wish I had more names to suggest.