Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Emily Ann Baratta - Integral Sexual Ethics

This article made the rounds among integral theorists a while back, in part as an antidote to the 3-part series of article at Integral Life by Jun Po Kelly, a Buddhist teacher who (after the sexual impropriety admissions by Genpo Merzel on Big Mind fame) wrote in defense of promiscuity among integral folks - because, you know, being integral and all they can handle it in an ethical way (cough, cough, BULLSHIT, cough).

Merzel is not the first integral teacher to sleep with students, just the latest - Marc Gafni has done it many times (and may still be doing it from what I have heard) and Don Beck has also gone this route. Seems to be an issue among the male leadership (who knows how many others, although I have heard rumors there are more).

Emily Ann Baratta is a recent graduate of JFK University with an MA in Integral Psychology. She is also a Roman Catholic, a perspective that no doubt influences the position she takes in her masters thesis.

Integral Sexual Ethics is posted at Scribd as a free download. Read it.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I'll say for Gafni, is his nonsense paper on this subject turned me on to Rutter's book, "Sex in the Forbidden Zone," which is a must-read for all men: