Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Safe Space Radio - Frank Brooks on Gender Role Non-Conformity


Interesting discussion. I was just talking with a friend this evening on how we might be different as people if there were not an either/or binary requirement for gender identity. What would it be like to be born with whatever genitalia we have but not have that shape who we become as individuals? If there were not a binary, there would be nothing to which we are not conforming. Yes?

Gender Role Non-Conformity

An interview with doctor of clinical social work, Frank Brooks about gender role non-conformity. Frank described his own experiences of feeling different and facing prejudice as he grew up. He then went on to study the powerful link between gender role non-conformity in boys and the risk of suicide. He works now with families with gender role non-conforming kids to help them protect their kids from bullying, threats, and shunning. Frank uses the term Gender role instead of gender to highlight that these roles are social constructions and are changing. He sees hope for transgender and gender role non-conforming kids as social awareness and acceptance grows.

This show aired on April 20th, 2011.

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